Liberty Whoopy 2


Liberty training is also an important training component in Straightness Training. If you can do all exercises at liberty, than you really can start to work in a Liberty Floh 3refined way in all the other training components.

Furthermore it gives us valuable information about the abilities of the horse and his understanding of our
intentions without the technical support.

The goal of ST at liberty is to check and to improve your communication (does he understands what
you want?), to check his motivation (does he wants to do what you want?), and to check your relationship (does he stay with you even when the exercises are getting more difficult?).

So ST at liberty is a real touchstone,

> to check the communication. When we take off everything, we are left with our inner picture, inner feeling and body language. Only than we can reach the level of ‘invisible aids’ and ‘less is more’.

> to check the motivation of the horse. If he is willing to work with us,
although he has the option to leave.

> to check the relationship between your horse and yourself. Is he willing to stay with and work with me.Liberty Floh 1





Impressions ST Liberty Grade III with Whoopy & Floh

Introducing the laterals at Liberty with 4yo PRE gelding Chito

Snippets of Chito’s Liberty & GW lab