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Groundwork is among the other trainings components (longeing, work in hand, riding & liberty) a very important part in my training with horses. It’s not only reasonable for young and unexperienced horses, to prepare him physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the more advanced training, but also for older horses, to keep them supple and flexible, and for the so-called “problem horses”, to re-build them up from scratch.

Through groundwork we could explain to the horse, how to use his body in a correct and healthy way, so that he can develop into a supple, flexible, strong and balanced GW Floh 2horse. This gives him physical and mental self-confidence and certainty for the further training.

Groundwork runs like a thread through the whole education of the horse and enables us to build/broaden and deepen the fundament, to improve the balance and to introduce new exercises without the additional weight of the rider.

As we can observe the whole horse and his reactions and movements in groundwork, it gives us always helpful information about the strengths and weaknesses of the horse and helps us to develop and optimize a meaningful, tailor-made trainings concept for every horse. Furthermore correct, understanding and loving consequent groundwork improves the communication and relationship with your GW Whoopyhorse in a special way.

Good groundwork demands a huge degree of condition, coordination, self-awareness, feel, a good eye and a good timing for the aids and the so important release from the trainer.

Besides the self-awareness also the awareness about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
abilities and attitude of the horse is a very important quality. Only with this awareness meaningful training with motivation and progress and without excessive demands, stress and frustration for the horse is possible.

Groundwork is, like all the other training components as well, for the horse and not the horse for groundwork. Therefore it is important not to force results, but to take the time it GW Whoopy 2takes for every horse and to build it up step by step, so that we can grow together with the horse in a harmonious, understanding communication!

In every training component we are searching not only for an obedient horse, but for an intelligent and motivated horse, which is in the so valuable “figuring out state” of mind.



Impressions ST Groundwork Grade III with Whoopy

Impressions ST Groundwork Grade III with Floh

Some snippets of Groundwork with Coffey

Snippets of Chito’s Liberty & GW lab