ST 5 TC hintereinander

Straightness training consists of a series of gymnastic exercises for the horse in which it learns to stretch, to tense and to relax its muscles. This makes the horse fit, supple, strong and muscular so it can carry the rider more easily and stays fit as a riding horse until old age. It makes the horse symmetrical in body and limbs and it also develops the horse’s balance and divides the weight equally over all four legs.

And your horse will not only develop physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Your horse will become stronger, more self-assured and will scare less easily. Your horse will become more loyal and affectionate towards you, and will show less resistance and stress. Furthermore your horse will develop spiritually aswell. He will be the best horse he can be, he will feel his inner calm strength, his pride and unique, authentic self.

ST Treppe

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